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Presently are you teaching or learning in any subject online? Yes
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If your answer is 'yes' have you ever used credit card for any transaction on the internet? Yes
Do you have Paypal Account? Yes
Do you have your own computing device? Yes
Which of the following computing devices you own? Desktop PC
For how many years have you been using the computer & internet? 2-5 Years
5-7 Years
8 Years +
How many hours do you use the computer & the internet daily?
Where do you use computer & internet? Home
Cyber Café
What do you use the internet for?
For internet which are the connections do you use? (e.g. Broadband/3G/4G/GPRS etc.)
To access the web which browser do you use?
Which is the Operating Systems (OS) running your main computing device? (e.g. Windows XP / 7 / 8 etc.)
How much is the RAM of your computer?
What is the capacity of your hard disk?
What is the name of the Anti Virus Software installed in your computer?
Do you know how to use the Anti Virus in your computer?
Do you know how to defragment your drives in your system?
Have you downloaded any software from the web and installed it in your computer please name a few?
If you have done any online training courses on the internet please name a few? (Required)
Have you ever used email as an important part of your normal teaching or training process?
How often have you used online tools such as search engines etc to research & supplement your in-class teaching or training lessons and materials?
Which of these internet resources have you used to interact online?
How many hours are you willing to devote to online teaching every week? * Choose an option which you can fulfil without disturbing your present job 2-4 Hours
5-7 Hours
Above 8 Hours
Do you know touch typing using all fingers without looking at the keyboard?
Do you believe that online teaching could become your second career side by side with your present job?
In your opinion is it possible to teach or train in your subject online?
Can you create time schedules & stick to them? (Note: As an e-teacher or e-trainer you have to keep online appointments in teaching or training assignments world-wide)
Do you believe that high-quality teaching/training and learning can take place in an online face-to-face environment?
Are you ready to redesign teaching resources to fit the needs of the online environment?
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