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In education the most important stake-holder is a well trained “Teacher” but “teacher training” sadly remains the most neglected area worldwide where an eight million teacher deficit spells out a distressing  scenario for the people & nations.   


Around the world education is passing through a multidimensional crisis and its biggest challenges  are the acute lack of classroom infrastructure coupled with alarming global shortage of teachers  wherein last yearUNESCO alone needed 8 million extra teachers to reach its Millennium Development Goals  (MDGs). Just consider the situation is so serious that it requires an emergeney response.

At Train2Teach-Online we have pioneered a next generation model of education LIVE in a virtual classroom running at the speed of internet, stretching its outreach anywhere on the planet - A web-based platform dedicated to building a new ecosystem of e-teaching & e-learning LIVE online unimpeded by infrastructure, time, location or distance harnessing Skill, Scale, Speed and Sustainability in one  stroke   


Today, with the giant strides in information technology, it has now become a reality to e-teach or e-train in any subject online in real -time in a virtual classroom just like a physical classroom! In fact, now this can be done as effectively if not better with everyone sitting in front of their computer facing each other LIVE through voice / audio / video in geographically dispersed locations anywhere on the earth and achieving the same learning outcomes just as it happens in a real classroom!!!


The training is aimed at up-skilling and empowering teachers and trainers to become self-employable,  independent, well rounded & successful international E-Teaching professionals with a unique skill-set to plan, e-research & prepare their lessons electronically in a digital format and ultimately delivering them LIVE to a class on the internet just as it happens in a traditional classroom.




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