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What is Online-Teaching? 



Online Teaching or e-teaching is computer based teaching and learning system which is delivered in real time where the teacher and the student face each other in a virtual world just as it happens in a real classroom. nation of all these or some of these techniques depending on the subject and its applications. Online Teaching is often associated with e-learning which is in fact the outcome of e-teaching. 


  • Finally there’s the Online Teacher Training model specifically designed by Train2Teach-Online in partnership with ICPI-Overseas Teacher Training Institute, UK who are leaders in international teacher training having trained 1000 odd professionals for overseas schools & colleges in the last 15 years. Click to download Guide

  • ICPI - Train2Teach-Online conducts its e-teacher training LIVE through an instructor-lead course with both Instructor and the prospects facing each other LIVE through audio video stream  and learning interactively on Smart white-boards, explanations, discussions, questions, answers and e-tests all happening in real-time to make it even more  life-like, dynamic and interesting.  Check out E-Teaching Class Video


  1. This unique training program will help you to get an overall view of the infinite possibilities of teaching online in real-time with various hi-tech advances and technological combinations. In fact, what you will learn in this course will be the simplest yet at the cutting edge of technology!

  2. “Certified International E-Teacher” (CIET) course done in 50 hours offers the smartest career advancement option for trainers, teachers, instructors, tutors, educators, coaches, mentors, counsellors and other business professionals who have been using computers regularly for at least one year and are keen to jump-start their second profession side by side with their normal job or occupation.


Remember we are mission bound to provide you with world class resources and an outstanding platform which will help you to become an independent and thorough-bred online teaching professional capable of delivering your lessons anywhere, anytime in the world.  Check out E-Teaching Video

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