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Common FAQs


Q What is International Online Guest Faculty (IOGF) program?

Ans: In 2009 ICPI-Train2Teach-Online in association with ICPI International UK set up International Online Guest Faculty (IOGF) to cope with huge demand for trained online teachers & trainers worldwide.


Q How does e-teaching work?

Ans: Click here to see an e-teaching video.


Q Do you provide training / placement / job or is it freelance work?

Ans: Well ICPI not only trains & certifies its e-teachers but provides them with regular paid assignments on freelance basis to all those registered under the International Online Guest Faculty (IOGF) program


Q How much money can I make in one training assignment?

Ans: For each training assignment of 18 hours we pay US $150-500 depdending on nature of assignment


Q. Is 18 hours online training assignment completed in 1 or 2 days?

Ans No each e-training assignment is done over 6 days Monday to Saturday 3 hours daily in a pre-fixed time-band


Q. Can I do these training assignments in time-bands convenient to me?

Ans Yes absolutely. You choose your own time-bands depending upon your convenience – It’s that simple


Q How many assignments can I take up?

Ans: Well that’s up to each one since some people to do it in their spare time as they are  simultaneously doing  their jobs.


Q. How soon can I start?

Ans: You can start right away Click here  to take a short

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Require 1000 e-Teachers


Click here to take a Free Online Test for e-Teachers 


We require 1000 e-teachers for our International Online Guest Faculty (IOGF) program. Here’s your opportunity to launch an international e-teaching career.


If you are a teacher or just passionate about teaching and generally fulfil the following and living in any of these countries then you may be ready to start: 


  • Having a Bachelors degree in any discipline
  • Well versed in computers and internet using regularly for at least two years
  • Presently active / inactive teacher
  • Trained or untrained
  • Experienced or new teachers
  • Employed or unemployed
  • Serving or Retired teachers
  • Housewives with free time
  • Currently active / inactive  e-teachers with some experience in any subject specialisation are also welcome  


And live in any of the following countries

  • UK/Europe 50*
  • South Africa 25
  • Middle East (Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, DohaQatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia) 50
  • India 250
  • China 250
  • Philippines 25 
  • New Zealand 50
  • Australia 50 (Dispersed in Time-Zones in Australia)
  • North America 150 (Dispersed in Time-Zones in USA)
  • Canada 150 (Dispersed In all Time-Zones in Canada

*Numbers against each country indicate no of teachers required   


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