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Registration for Certified International E-Teacher (CIET) Course

  • CIETCourse registration is a simple online process where all fields/columns are compulsory
  • Course applicants must register minimum 10 days before the actual date of the commencement of any course.   

  • Click here to read instructions for CIET Registration
  • To scroll through the CIET Course Registration Form click here
  • To fill it up quickly first scroll the form top to bottom & study all the columns or fields to be filled up & keep all information handy.
  • In fact, note down everything & keep it ready to be filled/selected.
  • You will require at least 15 minutes to complete regostration & payment.
  • Do not refresh registration page since all data will be lost & you will have to fill it all over again.
  • For any other queries please Click here to send us email





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